Executive Leaders and Corporate Functions:  You may have noticed a change in how talent interacts with you.  You dont get the attention you used to.  Your job posts dont resonate the same way.  Everyone used to want to talk to you.  Now, its a lot more work.  Regardless of how shiny your brand is, it is just harder now.  Your recruiting teams know something you may not:  Talent just isnt that into you.

The Great Resignation, the Pandemic, social and economic mobility, and evolving gig work options mean that people around the world can work and get paid without being in a typical corporate infrastructure.  Talent has flexibility, and is impatient with employers who are rigid, whether that rigidity pertains to hybrid or remote work, slow moving job/compensation progression, or working for ineffective or toxic bosses.

There are 3 things you can focus on to encourage talent engagement, but youll have to stay agile and nimble to meet the Talent where they are, no matter where you are in the world:

CX “ Focus on Candidate Experience.  Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have been table stakes for decades, and the process of long applications is over.  Many platforms and applications provide one-click apply.  If you ask people to do more than this “ you will be passed over.  Create a easy, one-click application for your global candidate experience that is mobile enabled.  Think people arent passing you by?  Have your recruitment marketing teams pull up your journey maps for your careers sites.  If you dont have this capability, consider investing in it.  While you were reading this sentence, your talent just applied for a new opportunity somewhere else.

 UX “ Focus on User Experience across your enterprise.  What engaging with your process look like for hiring managers?  Are your recruiters recruiting, or are they bogged down with manual processes that erode your capability to engage talent?  Using automation, AI/ML search and match capability, and integrations for scheduling, interview guides, and onboarding are musts for your teams to move at the speed of business.  Think about the touches to the talent “ more than 3 interviews, your talent is moving on without you.

 EX “ Focus on Employee Experience and Business Intelligence.  Dont forget your employees.  They use apps and one touch experiences throughout their day in other areas of their lives, dont make their professional development a chore.  It should be easy to search for internal opportunities, and actively engage to understand clear timelines for development and career progression.  Business Intelligence is critical and is more that data.  Data should be readily available in dashboards for use across the business.  SLAs and recruiting metrics are always important, but the conversation needs to turn predictive.  BI paints the picture for the future and is inclusive when shared with the current workforce.  This kind of transparency and inclusion turns your employees into Brand Ambassadors, which you need.  Think Im wrong?  Go check your GlassDoor ratings or Comparably.  You need your employees and their influence in the market.

Data is great for reflection and is the foundation for enabling predictive practices.  Digital Transformation, Automation, and Business Intelligence no longer the pinnacle of innovation.  The speed and agility that they provide are a business necessity if you want to remain relevant to todays Talent.   Want to get crazy with innovation?  Make it Human.  When it comes to Talent, its not about you.  Its about them.